Bigg Boss 17: Could Love Be Sparking Between Abhishek Kumar and Khanzadi?

Bigg Boss 17 has created a record TRP in recent times and entered the top 5 most watched TV shows of the week. This time, all the contestants have been creating captivating content. A lot of fights happen in the show and lots of romantic angles have been seen in recent times.

Well, all eyes are on tomorrow weekend because the nomination list seems quite interesting. As per the latest Bigg Boss 17 Voting Mannara Chopra received more votes.

After a big fight with Isha Malviya and Samarth, Abhishek likes to spend time with Khanzadi, aka Firoza Khan. However, as per the latest promo, Khanzadi confirmed that she was impressed with Abhishek.

Vicky Jain and Khan Zadi discussed housemates and she stated that a few housemates are also asking whether she likes Abhishek or not. She said to Vicky Jain that she likes Abhishek because he is very kind to her. She added that she liked his new side and she started liking him when they hugged each other.

On the other side, we get to see in the latest promo that Rinku, Abhishek Kumar, and Jigna Vora are talking, and Rinky says, ‘I understand that Khanzadi is a very simple girl, but fake promises hurt, and you have gone through them already”.

Let’s see where this new love angle goes. It’s been 4th weeks since Bigg Boss 17 started and the show has been getting a good response from the viewers.

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