Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 10 Highlights (Sep 14, 2021)

Episode 10 Day 9 Highlights of Bigg Boss Telugu 5

After Nominations all contestants start discussing and chatting with each other. Some contestants like Ravi, Swetha, Lobo Questioned other contestants on where they have gone wrong. On the next day Bigg Boss starts Captancy task and divides the two teams into wolf team and eagle team. 

Each team have to get the battens from the dugouts and collect with them. Inside batton flags will be there. The team with more flags will get the captancy power. One among the team can be a Captain. The task gone violent with Arguments, Pushings. This will continue in the next episode also. Lobo got fainted in this task and he was taken to medical team and Lobo became normal again.

The captancy task didn’t completed it will follow in the next episode also. In the next Episode 

Swetha varma was seen manhandling a contestant as shown in the Promo.

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