Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 13 Highlights (Sep 17, 2021)

Episode 13 Day 11 Highlights of Bigg Boss Telugu 5

Luxury Budget Task

Captaincy task completed and Vishwa got elected as Captian for the House. Now Bigg Boss have given one more task for Contestants to get their Luxury Budget Food.

In this Taks Whoever name appears on Bigg Boss Tv, they have to catch the ball that comes from a Pipe setuped by Bigg Boss. In this Taks Lobo Lobo, Vishwa, Anee loses the Ball and Nataraj, Priyanka and Shanmukh catches and gets some luxury food 

Best and Worst

Bigg Boss Ask the Contestants to select the Best and Worst one. All Contestants together gave their major votes for Nataraj as Best and VJ Sunny as worst. Bigg Boss asked the Contestants to keep Sunny in Jail as long as Bigg Boss says. 

Bigg Boss TV Reporting

Ravi and Kajal Acted as an Bigg Boss Tv Anchors in Bigg Boss House for some time. This has gone in totally in a funny way.

Ravi and Kajal Both asked every contestants to tell whom they want to choose as Husband, Boyfriend, love, wife, maid etc.. Sree Ramachandra and Hamida both done a nice Romantic Duet dance between all Contestants.

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