Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 15 Highlights (Sep 19, 2021)

Episode 15 Day 14 Higlights of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Season

Uma Devi Eliminated

On the last day of 2 week elimination 4 contestants left, They are Kajal, Umadevi, Priya and Nataraj.

Bigg Boss started declaring one by one who has been safe in this Elimination. The method of showing the elimination is completely different.

Kajal was declared safe when one song naming Kajal word was Played. Next Priya was safe when one of instrument or thing was shown by Nagarjuna that relates to her. At last Nataraj and Uma devi were left.

Nagarjuna asked the both contestant to fire Carbondioxide Gas from a Gun. He said that one who’s gun doesn’t fire Co2 will get Eliminated and in that way Uma Devi Got Eliminated.

Siri Hanumanth as Devil

Nagarjuna asked all the Contestants to select one of them who behaves as Devil in the Bigg Boss. Most of the Contestants Selected Siri Hanumanth and She became Devil in the house as per Task.

Shanmukh tried to select himself as a devil realising that he unnecessarily and mistakenly faulted sunny. But Nagarjuna said that he cant do like that and so Shanmukh selected Siri as Devil. 

Now Umadevi was sent to Bigg Boss Buzzz Programme. There she will be interviewed by Ariyana Glory. All the Questions on behalf of Audience will be asked by Ariyana Glory to Uma devi in this Programme. 

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