Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 26 Highlights (Sep 30, 2021)

Episode 26 Day 25 Highlights of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 

Sreeramachandra New Captain 

Captancy task Continued for the next too. As Bigg Boss given Biryani to the Contestants, Except some, Everybody has eaten the Biryani. Housemates wokeup with Love Story Song “ Naa Kudi Bhujam mida Kaduva”.

Captancy task has come to the end, Three batches losed their weights more than all the Batches, They are , Swetha – Anee, Sunny – Maanas and Sriramachandra – Hamida. Among Each batch, one has to stand for Captancy contestant and Three Contestants, Sriramachandra, Swetha and Sunny stood for Captancy selection.

Major Contestants rejected Sunny for Captancy Post. Sreema Chandra got a Huge support and became Captain.

Silly Reasons & Sunny Gets Rejected

 Many contestants Vishwa, Shanmukh, Siri, Priyanka Sing, Kajal have argued with Sunny and said that they don’t like his mannerisms and behaviour. But most of the Contestants gave silly reasons while rejecting Sunny. At Last Sreeramachandra taken Captain Power. How he manages the house mates will be seen in the coming Episode.

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