Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 33 Highlights (Oct 07, 2021)

Episode 33 Day 32 Highlights of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

Ravi Won in Kingdom Battle

Captancy kingdom Task still Continued in the next day. All the Contestants are awaiting for who will be the Captain. Bigg Boss has asked the Captain to Count the number of Coins each Contestant had with them. Sree ram Chandra counted all and reported to Bigg Boss.

Sunny’s Kingdom has more coins Compare to Ravi’s Kindom. But King Ravi has more number of Contestants with them than King Sunny. Based on the number of Contestanst Ravi won the kingdom task and became King and also Captancy Contender. 

Surprise for Priya

Bigg Boss asked Ravi to select three of the Housemates from his team for Competing to Captancy role. Ravi selected Hamida, Annee Master and Swetha Varma. Later Bigg boss gave a surprise to Priya that she can also be a Captancy Contender but must swap with the selected Contenders. Then Hamida stepped down from Captancy contender and Priya stood for it.

Again Bigg boss given a separate task for Contenders. In the next Episode Captain will be Confirmed and also Worst housemate will also be Chosen and send to Jail.

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