Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 34 Highlights (Oct 08, 2021)

Episode 34 Day 33 Highlights of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

Priya Captain

Captancy Task ended and Priya became captain of the house. Before the next day on nights almost all the housemates are discussing to whom they want to nominate as worst Contestants.

Along with Ravi almost 6 Contestants decided to nominate Kaajal as worst Housemate. 

Kajal Jail

On the Next Day as decided Many Housemates nominated Kaajal as worst contestant and send her to Jail. Bigg boss divided Housemates into 2 teams and given a New Task. The Two teams got a two mattresses and they have to do Plank on it. The Team which does Plank more time will win Century Matrresses.

In this Task, Ravi Team won Century Matresses. Its the Last day for voting. Who gets eliminated in the 5th weeks can be known in coming 2 days. 

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