Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 4 Highlights (Sep 08, 2021)

Episode 5 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 entered 4th day. After some arguments, clashes from the day one Now the Contestants are little bit came down compare to day 1. 

Some Contestants like Lahari, Hamida, Jessy apologised with contestants with whom they fought. Jessy argued Anne master before and on later day he went to her and said sorry politely. Hamida cried when Lahari asked her why she couldn’t give answers in a right way. All the rest of Contestants asked lahari to leave Hamida on her ownway and that is her way of talking.

Lobo again entertained housemates with his Mimicry. Bigg boss asked Siri hanumanth to select on master and slave from them. She selected Lobo and Shanmukh. Lobo started doing all types of services to Shanmukh. 

At night misunderstandings happened again when Umadevi questioned about leftover curry which she couldn’t find while eating.

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