Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 56 Highlights (Oct 30, 2021)

Episode 56 Day 55 Highlights of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5

50 Puri’s Task

8th Week Elimination Process has began. Saturday Episode Started with as as usual Nagarjuna’s entry on a Background Song. Nagarjuna taken watching all the main ongoings inside house through Mana TV. Like Every week, another task was given to housemates. All Divided into two groups. Sareeram, anee , Vishwa, Lobo and Ravi in one group and Jessi, manas, Kajal, Siri and Priyanka in other group.

Bigg asked the 2 groups to make 50 puri’s . Whoever makes puri’s faster and that team will be the winner. Shanmukh was selected as Sanchalak. kajal’s team first completed 50 Puri’s and later Sree ram’s group but Shanmukh declared Sree ram’s group as winner as their puris were nice whereas kajal puri’s are not good.

Sunny Annee Clash

Sunny from jail replied that Kajal’s Team should be a winner as they have first completed 50 puris as said in the Rule book. on this issue lot of Arguments went on between Anee, Jessi, Shanmukh and Sunny.

Sunny Got Warnings

Nagarjuna Started the show inviting housemates through TV. Like every week Nagarjuna taken classes to housemates. But this time Sunny got more warnings from Nagarjuna as Sunny earlier threatened housemates that he will see them after coming out of the Bigg Boss House. Nagarjuna warned sunny for being rude in house.

Housemates Played some funny games. Nagarjuna Didn’t Started Elimination Process on Saturday’s Episode. No one got Saved on this Episode. Who gets Eliminated will be known this day. Many Rumours are surrounding that Lobo gets Eliminated, Let’s see.

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