Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 60 Highlights (Nov 03, 2021)

Episode 60 Day 59 Highlights of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5

Captaincy Task Begins

As usual Captaincy task Started in the Bigg Boss. All Housemates Divided into 2 teams i.e. Heroes Team and Villains Team. Kajal, Sree Ram, Pinky, Maanas and Shanmukh in Heroes Team and Sunny, Ravi, Anee, Jessy, Vishwa and Siri in Villains Team.

As per this Task both Teams Can chose opposite team member and can ask to do whatever they wants, If he Rejects doing that then that team will get One Point. In the end of this task whichever Team gets highest Points will Be the Winner and that Team members will Captaincy Contenders. 

Ravi & Sareeram Targeted

As the Task Began, Sreeram was torched a lot by Villains team. He was made to Drink Black tea mix with raw egg. Drank Soya sauce, Poured paint on head and Body and Sreerams keeps on done till the Buzzer sirens.

Next Ravi was Chosen by Heroes Team, He was torched little bit more than Sareeram. Cowdung was made to Pour on his head. Drank Black tea mix with Raw egg. done 15 Burpees, Squats with Dumbles, 15 Clockwise and Anti Clockwise Rotations. Ravi Got tired a lot as he already has a Back Pain. Captaincy task Continues in the Coming Episode also. 

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