Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 62 Highlights (Nov 05, 2021)

Episode 62 Day 61 Highlights Of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5

Its Anee’s Week

Captaincy Task for the 9th Week has ended in this episode. At last Anee Master has became Captain of the House. Earlier at many times Anee Master Cried in the house that the Group games in Bigg Boss House won’t let her to Become Captain. But Now, As She became Captain, Felt very happy.

This Week is very best and Lucky for Anee Master as She was Saved with immunity Power by getting highest supporting Votes and in the Captaincy task She Won. 

Kajal & Jessi In Danger

Siri became Emotional and Cried a lot as Shanmukh also targeted her in the Throwing ball Captaincy task. Siri Said, Argued with Shannu that, How he can throw ball on her instead of Supporting. Shannu Replied Saying..

As all the Housemates are Playing Individual Game, So I, Too want to Play the Individual Game. Still Differences are going on between Shanmukh and Siri. Voting has ended Yesterday at 12 night.

Total 8 Housemates, Vishwa, Ravi, Siri, Kajal, Sreeramachandra, Jessi, Vishwa and Sunny are in Nominations. In all the unofficial Polls Jessi and Kajal has got the Lowest Votes. Lets See what Happens.

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