Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 64 Highlights (Nov 07, 2021)

Episode 64 Day 63 Highlights Of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5

Vishwa Eliminated

9th Week Elimination has came to an End. Actor and Wrestler Vishwa Got Eliminated. Vishwa has been the best Performer whenever Tasks were given By Bigg Boss House. He is the Only Person in the Bigg Boss House, Who Became Captain Twice. Vishwa has been very much emotional and Cried at many times in the House. 

Vishwa’s Brother

Many Housemates Blamed Vishwa that he is Playing Emotional and Sympathy Card in the Bigg Boss. Nataraj Master also said that Vishwa is not Genuine. On the Whole at last Vishwa got Eliminated. In the Bigg Boss Buzzz Interview He gave thumbs down to Kajal, Punch to Shanmukh and Love to Sreeramachandra. He mentioned Sreeramachandra as his Brother. 

4 In Jail

Nominations for the 10 week has began. Now total 10 Housemates are left in the House, Shanmukh, Siri, Jessi, Sreeramachandra, Sunny, Maanas, Ravi, Anee Master, Priyanka and Kajal. In the Coming Up Episode Anee was shown as sending the Four, Maanas, Sunny, Shanmukh and Kajal to Jail. lets See who gets Nominated. 

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