Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 66 Highlights (Nov 09, 2021)

Episode 66 Day 65 Highlights of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5

Jessi In Secret Room

As nominations completed all housemates were discussing and about why they have nominated them. Jessi was called by the Bigg Boss into the Cofession room and told that because of this health issues he was being send out of the Bigg Boss House.

Listening this Jashwanth became emotional and informed all the Housemates about it. Siri and Shanmukh both Cried and Became more emotional after Listening that Jessi is going Out.

Jashwanth In Quarantine

Jessi Asked Siri and Shanmukh to be in top 5 as he couldn’t do it. Kajal burst into tears while Jessi Coming out of the Bigg Boss House. Jessi Came out of the House and Kept in the Secret room after some Medical Treatment. Bigg Boss Told Jessi that because of this health, he is been kept in the Secret room. After he Completes Quarantine time and Becomes healthy, He will be send back normally inside Bigg Boss House. 

Maanas & Priyanka

Jessi Started Listening all the Housemates Conversions by Relaxing in the Secret. Maanas Scolded Priyanka and Said that She should be away from him. For this Priyanka Burst out a lot and Kajal Scolded Sunny and Maanas for their comments on Priyanka Singh.

Sunny and Maanas Discussing that, Jessi might manipulated Kajal and that is why she is Behaving in a rude way to them. Jessi listening all these from the Scret Room thinking that he would give best Reply to Sunny and Maanas, Once He gets Enter into Bigg Boss House. 

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