Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 67 Highlights (Nov 10, 2021)

Episode 67 Day 66 Highlights of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5

Sunny Ate Cake

And At last the Cake that was kept in the Garden area was eaten by Sunny. Sunny asked all the housemates will they eat and also took the permission of Captain Anee Master but She Rejected. After all went inside Bigg Boss House, Sunny has eaten that Cake immediately saying that it would spoil while time gets passing and nobody is eating.

Bigg Boss Hotel Task

In the Part of Captaincy task, Bigg Boss has given Bigg Boss Hotel Task. In this task. Ravi acts as House keeping, Sunny as first guest, Anee as Hotel Manager, Shanmukh and Sreeram as Hotel Staff, Maanas and Priyanka as Couple entering in hotel, Sunny as first, Kajal as Hotel owners Friend and Siri as Don’s Daughter.

Secret Task To Ravi

All of them starting Performing their roles in the Bigg Boss House. In this Course, Ravi was Called by Bigg Boss and Given Secret Task to him. Bigg Boss asked Ravi to Disturb what all the Hotel Staff and Providing to guest and get the attention on himself and also has to gain fame from the Guests that he is Doing his Job Well. If Ravi does this, then he will be the Captaincy Contender for this Week.Β 

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