Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 74 Highlights (Nov 17, 2021)

Episode 74 Day 73 Highlights of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5

The captaincy task has begun and everyone are participating wonderfully in the task. The episode starts with Bigg Boss giving a superpower to Sunny. The power is that Sunny can take half of the gold from any one of the housemates and give it to another housemates. Then Sunny took it from Siri and gave it to his friend Maanas. 

Priyanka and Maanas are the participants for the Captaincy Contenders now. In that game, Priyanka wins and become the first captaincy contender for this week. Maanas locks the bedroom door in the night, and kajal takes some gold from the mine.

Sreerama Chandra Super Power

And the next day morning begins with the housemates dancing to the Song Nee Illu Bangaram Kaanu. We see Siri and Ravi are talking about something very seriously. Ravi is saying that Siri and Shannu are taking their relationship very seriously and it is not good for them at all. 

On the other hand, Sriram Chandra gets access to the power room and he pays 30 gold coins to get the superpower tool. Then Sriram asks Siri to give the gold and she gives it to him. On the other side, Shannu, Maanas, Kajal and Sunny are seen participating in the mining again. 

When Bigg Boss asks sriram to read about his power, Sriram gives an offer to all the housemates saying that anyone can give all their gold to him and take that super power. Then Ravi comes forward and gives all his gold. But the power given by the Bigg Boss is that they should return half of the gold to the Bigg Boss and they keep the gold in the storeroom. 

Next stuff we see Bigg Boss giving a water task for picking a contender between Sunny and Siri. As Siri is dealing with some personal issues, Bigg Boss gives her permission to swap. Any contestant can play on behalf of her. 

Siri asks Maanas and he accepts it. Sunny and Maanas participate in the task and it is that they have to wear a t shirt and swim to the other side of the pool and wear another t shirt and repeat the process until the buzzer rings. Maanas easily wins the task, Even though Sunny wore the highest number of t shirts but because he didn’t wear them all properly. The Sanchalak Ravi didn’t count them in the game. But Sunny again argues that this is unfair.

Ravi tries to explain to him, But he doesn’t accept it. Meanwhile Kajal and Maanas also try their hand but Sunny screams at him that even his friends are against him now.

Sriram gives an advice to Ravi that they should give some time and space to Sunny that he can calm himself down but Kajal is provoking him again and again. 

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