Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 81 Highlights (Nov 24, 2021)

Episode 81 Day 80 Highlights of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5

After all the competitors were played for the dictator’s throne. Only Pinki, Siri, Ravi and Shanmukh were remaining in the task. Again Pinki Regained the throne. Then Siri, Shanmukh and ravi got a task for the three and Shanmukh won the task. Then Priyanka disqualified Siri and Saved Ravi. 

Shannu Becomes Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Last Captain

At the next level, Priyanka, Shanmukh and ravi competed for the dictator’s throne. Shamukh sat on the chair and won the task. Ravi Pushed Pinki Away and went away. Meanwhile, Siri went inside and sat crying till then. When Shanmukh won the dictatorial throne she came running from inside and hugged Shanmukh tightly and she advised him to play wisely.

Now with the power to disqualify Priyanka and Ravi. Shanmukh came to decision to disqualify Pinki after a lot of debate. Priyanka requested him that today is her birthday, Priyanka has never been a captain. No matter how much priyanka says that her community will be proud if she becomes captain. But Shanmukh didn’t show any remorse. Kajal stood up for Priyanka, But there was no change at all.

Eventually Shanmukh and Ravi took the house call in the captain fight. That’s how Shanmukh became the last captain of Bigg Boss Season 5. As all the members except Sreeram supported Shanmukh only. 

Priyanka cried as she was prevented from fulfilling her dream and stopped eating. Kajal became emotional Ravi targeted her all over the house. 

And again the whole episode went on emotionally, When Bigg Boss contestants who turned the Bigg Boss House into a train station. At the same time, He sent the contestants family members home and crushed their emotions. 

First Kajal’s daughter along with her husband came into the house. Then Sreerama Chandra’s sister came into the house made a big fuss at the Bigg Boss House.

From next week onwards there will be no captain and everybody will be in the nominations. The game is getting heated on and the competition is intense. 

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