Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 84 Highlights (Nov 27, 2021)

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 84 Highlights

The Weekend is here and the host Nagarjuna Akkineni is back on the Bigg Boss stage, and this weekend the housemates are going to meet their friends and special people. 

Bandhaniki Oka Tyagam

The host Nagarjuna mentioned that the housemates should sacrifice something to meet their family member and a friend. If the house feels it is a genuine sacrifice, Then the housemate will be given a chance to meet their loved ones.

Ravi sacrificed a doll and then he met his mother Uma Rani and his friend Siva Balaji who is also the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 Winner. Then Ravi’s mother picked the top 5 amongst the housemates and she chose Ravi, Sunny, Sreeram, Shanmukh and Maanas.

Pinky sacrificed her make up kit and then she met her sister Sai Akhila and friend Jabardasth Apparao. They talked for a while and they chose the top 5 as well which are Pinki, Sunny, Sreeram, Ravi and Maanas.

Siri sacrificed the bracelet which was given by her fiancée Srihan and then she met Srihan himself on the stage. Siri became very emotional after seeing him. Srihan’s top 5 was Siri, Sunny, Shanmukh, Maanas and Kajal.

Srihan told siri that he understands her and he is also there for her no matter what. 

Maanas sacrificed the bracelet and he met his father Venkat Rao and his friend Amardeep who is also an actor. Their top 5 were Maanas, Sunny, Kajal, Sreeram, Shanmukh.

Kajal sacrificed a toy and then she met her sister Zareen and friend Lipsika. They had fun conversation on the stage. Their top 5 were Kajal, Sunny, Shanmukh, Sreeram, Maanas

Sreeram sacrificed a pin given by Hamida and then he met his friend Soumya and Mom Jayalakshmi. Their top 5 were Sreeram, Ravi, Pinky, Sunny, Shanmukh.

Shanmukh sacrificed a t-shirt gifted by his girlfriend Deepthi Sunaina. First his brother Sampath came onto the stage. Literally Shanmukh was waiting for Deepthi, and after a lot of suspense she came onto the stage and everyone were happy. 

Deepthi chose the top 5 and they were Shanmukh, Sreeram, Sunny, Ravi and Maanas. Even Deepthi said that she understands him and his relationship with Siri and asked him not to overthink about the issue. 

Meanwhile, the saved contestants from this week nominations are Sunny, Siri, and Sreeram. Still Ravi, Pinky, Kajal and Shanmukh are unsafe. Tomorrow we will see who will be eliminated from the house. 

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