Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 90 Highlights (Dec 03, 2021)

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 90 Highlights

Finally after a tough fight between the competitors. The Ticket To finale segment has come to an end in the Bigg Boss House and guess what Sreeram Chandra has won the segment and he is the first contestant to enter the finals of the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5. 

Before that, The Ticket To Finale began with the focus challenge which was played by Siri, Sreeram, Maanas and Sunny. In this challenge, Bigg Boss will play different types of sounds and the housemates have to identify the sounds and write them on the board. Sunny and Maanas won this challenge.

The next challenge is the challenge of Accuracy and in this task the housemates have to identify the bulbs switched off and then switch them on. It is an test for accuracy and also for speed. In this task, Shanmukh played on behalf of both Siri and Sreeram. After this task, Sreeram and maanas qualified for the next round. Sunny and Siri were out of the finale challenge.

Even though Sreeram was injured, He played the final task on his own and won the task. He was extremely happy to win the final ticket even after going through a lot of pain. 

Kajal’s Enthusisam

We all know Kajal is someone who changes everything according to the situation. She has been an over enthusiastic right from the beginning itself. While the focus challenge was going on, She tried her best to disturb the housemates because she didn’t play the task. She just aside and started revealing the answers to the sounds played by Bigg Boss.

Sunny, Sreeram and others didn’t like it. First they pleaded Kajal to be silent. But she didn’t stop, Then Sunny got angry and argued with her. But Kajal defended herself and said that she is playing her own game. This brought a slight differences between the friends. 

Now the interesting point of this Finale Task is, Even though Sreeram Chandra has won the Finale Ticket. But he is nominations right now, if he becomes safe then he will be in the finals directly. 

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