Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 91 Highlights (Dec 04, 2021)

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 91 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 is coming to an end very soon. The 13th week of the show is about to end and in the weekend episode the host Nagarjuna discussed about the complaints that he had on some housemates. 

A complaint box has been arranged in the living area, Every housemate has to share their complaints with other housemates. 

First Sunny complained On Siri that she is very stubborn during the game and should take things easy.

Next Siri complained on Shanmukh that he always gets angry at her whenever she was in pain. 

Next Pinki complained on Sunny that during the game, He grabbed most of her balls.

Next Sreeram remained calm and said that he has no complaints about anyone which was quite shocking. Next Maanas complained on Shanmukh that he always tells him to talk to him directly during the game. 

Next Kajal complained on Sunny that he is not talking with her for silly reasons. Finally Shanmukh complained on Siri that she is not playing the game well that is why he is getting angry at her.

After this segment was over. Nagarjuna said that he also complaints on Housemates.

Nagarjuna’s complaints on Housemates:

Nagarjuna’s complaints about some of the housemates were like. He complained on Pinki saying that she shouldn’t unnecessarily prescribe medications to herself or others.

Next Nagarjuna complained on Maanas saying that he has miscalculated time when Sunny is playing. 

Next he complained on Kajal that she unnecessarily disturbed others even after the housemates have requested her to be calm during the focus challenge.

Next complaint was on Sreeram that he didn’t trust Shanmukh for a while he was playing the game. 

These were the only complaints of nagarjuna on housemates.

Next Nagarjuna asked the Housemates to give three emoticons to other housemates.

Sreeram gave Punch to Sunny, Shut up to Kajal and Angry to Pinky.

Sunny gave Shut up to Kajal, Angry to Siri, Punch to Shanmukh.

Next Shanmukh gave angry to Kajal, Punch to Siri, Shut up to Pinky.

Pinky gave Shut up to Maanas, Punch to Siri, and Angry to Sunny. 

Maanas gave angry to Siri, Punch to Sunny and Shut up to Pinki

Kajal gave Punch to Sreeram, Angry to Shanmukh and Shut up to Sunny.

Siri gave Shut up to Sunny, Punch to Shanmukh and Angry to Pinky.

After the emoticons were given, Bigg Boss returned the gifts that housemates have sacrificed during the game of sacrifice last week. However, Bigg Boss didn’t return the gifts given by Siri and Pinki. Then Bigg Boss asked the other housemates to sacrifice their belongings to either Siri or Pinki by picking only one. Siri won and she got her gift back.

Now coming to the nominations, Sreeram is safe from this week’s nominations and he is the first finalist of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5. We have to see who will get eliminated this week. 

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