Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 96 Highlights (Dec 09, 2021)

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 96 Highlights

The Bigg Boss Telugu TV is coming to an end very soon, and the final task of the house is roleplay. Bigg Boss Telugu TV show witnessed an interesting task where the housemates turned star heroes. 

Sree ram vs Kajal Dispute

Sreerama Chandra and Maanas performed the previous task well. Bigg Boss asked them to take a decision on who will get a chance to ask for votes. As Sreeram is already in the grand finale, He wants to give the chance to Maanas on that aspect.

Kajal got in between and said that it is a house call and Sreeram alone can’t take decisions on this. Sreerama Chandra argued that it is between him and Maanas and they shouldn’t intervene. Their argument grew and Sreeram got angry with Kajal. 

In the argument Kajal used the word bro which he disliked. He said that No one is a brother here and don’t call me like that. Kajal got hurt by that, later she cried in front of her friends saying the same. Later Sunny discussed the same with Sreerama Chandra who said that Kajal is playing a drama. 

Then Maanas got a chance to appeal for votes, He also asked votes on the behalf of Kajal and Sunny as well. 

Superstars Task

Bigg Boss House gave them the task of role playing a superstar. Sunny-Balakrishna, Sreeram Chandra- Chiranjeevi, Kajal- Sridevi, Shanmukh- Suriya, Siri- Genelia, Maanas- Pawan Kalyan. 

From time to time, Bigg Boss played songs of the star heroes and the housemates danced to the songs. They also imitated the heroes and tried to provide some entertainment

Shanmukh-Siri Fight Again

During the episode, Siri is seen happy as she mingled with everyone. But Shanmukh sat in a corner. When Bigg Boss asked the housemates to perform a skit, He told them that he don’t know how to do the skit and moved away. He whispered that he doesn’t belong to their batch. Siri approached Shanmukh asking if he has a problem with her. He got angry and said that you go and be with them and you will be happy with them and if you are with me you will be moody and it won’t work between us. 

Somehow Siri tried to convinced him but it didn’t work. Siri got angry and said that she won’t do the task. After that, Both of them sat in the bathroom area and tried to sort out the issue. Shanmukh said that it was his mistake and he just got tripped. Siri immediately accepted it and gave him a hug.

This relationship between them is really confusing. It would be interesting to see how this relationship will continue. 

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