Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 98 Highlights (Dec 11, 2021)

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 98 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu TV show is in the second last week. After this week, The show will enter into the final week with the top 5. The Saturday episode began with Nagarjuna’s grand entry and immediately we see the Friday’s session. 

Kajal and Sreeram argued with one another over who is the sympathy gainer in the house. In the process of giving Maanas a chance to appeal for the votes, Kajal wanted the decision to be taken by the house, but Sreeram didn’t agree. Kajal said that Shanmukh picked Maanas but Sreeram said that Shanmukh never picked Maanas. Sreeram said that Kajal is a sympathy gainer but Kajal took the advantage of audience questions and reminded him that he proclaimed himself as a lone ranger and a sympathy gainer. 

Then Bigg Boss gave the task which was sponsored by Apache. The task happened in the garden area. Sunny, Maanas, Shanmukh took part in the task. Kajal is the Sanchalak. First she gave instructions to everyone and she forgot to supervise the rule and because of that she failed as an Sanchalak. Even though Sunny finished the task first, She pointed out flaws in him. Shanmukh finished second but she didn’t pay attention to the game. When she declared Sunny as the winner, Siri raised an objection. Kajal agreed that she failed as an Sanchalak. She expressed her disappointment that she failed to make her friends proud. 

Housemates and their Regrets

Nagarjuna arranged a wheel of regret in the house and asked the housemates to share their regrets.

Kajal’s regret was in the 9th week when she had a chance to save Maanas and Sunny during the jail nomination but instead she saved Shanmukh after listening to Sreeram. She lived the entire week with the regret that she couldn’t save her friends. 

Shamukh’s regret was in the 11th week and it was his emotional connection with Siri. He felt bad that Siri attempted self hurt and she is thinking that the people are playing games around her as he wanted to see her in the top 5.

Sunny’s regret was in the 12th week and it was regarding the finale task when he was stubborn in playing the game when others suffered during the ice task. Another regret was wearing guilty board. 

Maanas regret was in the 4th week in Akali Rajyam Task. He and sunny wanted to become the captaincy contender but they couldn’t make a decision and Sunny went in and Sunny received maximum stabbings and because of that Maanas couldn’t take it and he was hurt.

Sreeram’s regret was he became the captain in the 4th week and many fights happened when he was the captain. He was also harsh on himself. People who are close to him started to go out of the house. That was his regret.

Then Nagarjuna asked to pick who is Hit Star and Flop Star in the house. 

Kajal- Hit star to Sunny and Flop Star to Shanmukh

Sreeram- Hit Star to Sunny and flop Star to Kajal

Sunny- Hit Star to Maanas and Flop Star to Siri

Siri- Hit Star to Shanmukh and Flop Star to Sunny.

Maanas- Hit Star to Sunny and Flop Star to Shanmukh

Shanmukh- Hit Star to Siri and Flop Star to Kajal

Housemates and their positions

The Housemates picked their positions in the Bigg Boss house in the beginning of the week but they lacked seriousness. Now Nagarjuna asked them again to pick their positions. Still they couldn’t figure it out their positions. Then Nagarjuna gave them positions.

Siri first, Followed by Sreeram, Kajal, Shanmukh, Sunny and Maanas. In tomorrow episode we have to see who will get eliminated from the house. 

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