Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 99 Highlights (Dec 12, 2021)

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 99 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 has completed 14 weeks in its fifth season and the TV show will come to an end by the next weekend. The Top 5 have been selected by the audience and now the fight is for the Bigg Boss Title and Prize Money.

But before that Sunday Funday Episode was entertaining as well as thrilling. The housemates played Dumb Charades game first. The housemates were divided into two teams and they have to guess the songs. Team 1 were Shanmukh, Kajal, Sreeram and Team 2 were Siri, Maanas, Sunny. 

Team 1 won the competition. Next Segment was the questions asked by Ex-housemates to the present ones.

Jessie asked Shanmukh that did he ever think about the relationship between him and Siri? Then Shanmukh replied that he didn’t think in that way. Siri is his best friend and he wants to clear it for everyone for once and all. 

Next Anee Master asked Sunny why did he back bitch about her with Maanas? Then Sunny replied that Anee master is his best friend, He didn’t do any back bitching. He just shared his opinions with others.

Next Natraj Master asked Sreeram that does he think Pinky’s hot water treatment became an advantage or disadvantage to him? Then Sreeram cleverly replied that he isn’t sure about it.

Next Pinky asked Maanas that did he tolerate her in the house or did he act? Then Maanas replied that he tolerated her.

Next Jessie asked Siri that why did she reduce her concentration on the game and focused on emotional relationships? Then Siri replied that she is playing her game from day one and she don’t want any emotional connections at all.

Next Priya asked kajal that Is it her realself outside the Bigg Boss house? Then Kajal replied that she was being herself in the house.

Housemates Imitation

Next Segment was the housemates have to imitate one another. They have to give their final speeches. Maanas imitates Sreeram, Sreeram imitated Kajal, Sunny imitated Siri, kajal imitated Shamukh and Shanmukh imitated Sunny. 

After this was done, Audience asked question to Shanmukh that is why did you tell siri is weak. Is it because that she took help from Maanas?

Then Shanmukh replied that he felt Siri was cornered by them and thought it would not be good to take their help. That’s why he said it. 

The Finalists were revealed in between the tasks. The 2nd Finalist was Siri, Followed by Shanmukh, and Sunny. 

The last competition was between Maanas and Kajal. In this process Kajal got eliminated and her friends became very emotional. Before quitting the TV show, she gave 5 tags to the finalist of the Bigg Boss House which are 5* Entertainment to Sunny, 5* Friendship to Maanas, 5* Emoton to Siri, 5*Action to Sreeram and 5*Drama to Shanmukh. 

That’s how the last elimination of the Bigg Boss house happened. Now we are in the final week. So vote for your favorite contestants and help them to win the title. The finalist of the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 are Siri, Shanmukh, Maanas, Sunny and Sreeram. 

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