Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Winner Prediction Poll (Top 5)

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Winner Prediction Poll: We have handpicked top 5 contestant of bigg boss season 5 according their gameplay, skills, personality, fame and followers.

As we all know there is a tough war between Sunny and Shanmukh but what we all might not know is that there is still a chance to overperform sunny and shanmukh we can predict.

Just like in the bigg boss telugu season 3 where Kaushal Manda takes the top spot in just one night with one single episode wins alot of fans and supporters. Genuine and emotion players get attached to the audience easily. We picked Sunny, Shanmukh, SreeRam, Ravi and Kajal in the Top 5.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Winner Prediction Poll

We feel Sunny will be the winner and Shanmukh can take the runner titile with Kajal in the 3rd spot. Let’s see how this voting goes. Please Select one contestant from the above poll whom you genuinely support.

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