Bigg Boss 8 Telugu: Official List of Confirmed Contestants, and Host Announced

The much-hyped show called Bigg Boss 8 Telugu is getting ready to entertain us very soon.

As we said, Bigg Boss 8 Telugu is going to start a bit earlier. As per the sources, the Bigg Boss 8 Telugu house is getting ready.

However, brought you some exciting information.

Here is the Bigg Boss 8 Telugu contestants list. All the below contestants are almost confirmed.

  • Bumchick Babloo – Youtuber and Comedian
  • Raj Tarun – Actor
  • Soniya Singh – Youtuber and Actor
  • Hema – Actress
  • Nethra – Businesswomen
  • Vamsi – Businessman
  • Potti Naresh – Comedian
  • Riyaaz – Comedian
  • Rithu Chowdhary – Anchor
  • Supritha – Actress
  • Kirak RP – Comedian
  • Kumary Aunty – Common Women
  • Barrelakka – Youtuber
  • Khushitha Kallapu – Actress
  • Bhullet Bhaskar – Comedian
  • Amrutha Pranay – Influencer
  • Ek Nadh and Harika – Serial Actors
  • Raithu Badi Rajendar Reddy – Youtuber

Well, the interesting news is this time Bigg Boss 8 Telugu is going to have two houses.

That is said to be Temparary House and another one is Perminent House.

The tasks are going to be very tough yet entertaining in Bigg Boss 8 Telugu.

A lot of Bigg Boss lovers have been waiting to know Bigg Boss 8 Telugu Host. Well, there is no change, as usual, Akkineni Nagarjuna will host Bigg Boss 8 Telugu.

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M.tarun venkata Sai
M.tarun venkata Sai
26 days ago

Plz give me chance common sir in big boss house plz send the link iam very poor family sir

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