Bigg Boss Season 6 Day 26 Episode 25 Highlights

Highlights from Day 26 of Episode 25 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6

We now have a new house captain as we enter day 25 of Bigg Boss. Things in this home are starting to get intriguing, so it will be interesting to see how the host, Nagarjuna, evaluates everyone’s performance this weekend. Check out today’s events in the house.

Game of knockouts resumes

This is what transpired in the house today as the first level of the video game Punch Padudhi job continued. Arjun Kalyan disqualified Arohi, Rohith disqualified Srihan, and Inaya disqualified Arohan. Keerthi Bhat, Sudeepa, and Sri Satya were the last three competitors. They acted as the captain of the task blockbuster.

Captain Blockbuster

Blockbuster captain is the second level of the captaincy task. The three residents of the residence were instructed to attach the letters C A P T A I N on a frame that is placed in the outside spaces’ gardens. They must go around the blocks while carrying out the mission. Keerthi triumphed in this feat and was named the first female house commander.

Week’s worst performer

The lowest performer for this week has been chosen by the housemates. Chalaki Chanti and Arjun Kalyan received the most votes. Chanti was imprisoned because he received one fewer vote than Arjun. On Sunday, there will be eliminations, and Arjun Kalyan will probably be booted off the show.

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