Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Promo

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Promo: Much-awaited Bigg Boss Telugu 7 is going to start very soon. Every piece of information about bigg boss 7 telugu is making headlines on the internet, and now the show’s promo is out now. Bigg Boss lovers have gone crazy with this promo because King Nagarjuna gives some clues about the show.

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Promo

Well, yesterday night Star Maa released the promo of Bigg Boss Telugu. Though the promo’s duration was quite less, it created a curiosity among the bigg boss lovers.

Apart from the hidden details of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, the host King Nagarjuna looks stunning as always, but this time he looks more stylish. We all know Nagarjuna is known for handsomeness, and despite their age, no one can match his screen presence.

Right from his long and messy hairstyle, his beard and his outfit look stunning in the promo. I’m sure he is going to kill the hearts of his lady fans throughout the show.

Well, to talk about the promo, Nagarjuna starts saying this time but he pauses and continues this time and he pauses and says this season is going to be new, he smiles and sang a song called ‘Kudi Yedamaithe Porapatu ledhoi’ then all the objects in the room including popcorn in his hand go up in the air.

As we go by the promo, we can expect that Bigg Boss Telugu 7 is going to be completely new in every aspect. We generally see routine tasks in every season like Hotel tasks, Tickets to the Finale, etc but this time the tasks are going to be tough and new as well.

Well, Bigg Boss Telugu 7 is expected to start on 03 September 2023. Get ready to witness the exciting journey.

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