Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Online Audition, Process, Documents, Registrations

Bigg Boss 5 Seasons Auditions have already got started by now. But we are giving you the entire information of its Audition details, Process, fees etc.. Major Part of the Audition takes place through online Process.

Below we are giving you the Step by Step Procedure of How to Apply or How Selection for Bigg Boss will be done.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Online Audition

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Online Audition, Process, Documents, Registrations
Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Online Audition, Process, Documents, Registrations

Eligibility Criteria for Bigg Boss Telugu

  1. He/ She must be Indian Citizen and must carry Valid Proof of Identity
  2. Participants should accepts all the conditions given by Bigg Boss makers
  3. All important and valid documents, IDs like Voter Id, Driving Liscence, Pan, Ration Card etc must be presented in Bigg Boss Office
  4. Participants must be ready to provide Personal information.
  5. Participants must be Physically and Mentally fit and their age should be more that 18yrs.

Registration Process of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

  1. Install Voot App, Subscribe and Create Account
  2. In Voot, You can see Registration Link of Big boss 5 Telugu
  3. On Hot Star App also Registration Link will be available
  4. Click on the Registraion and fill Personal details like Name, City, State, Email Id, Address etc.
  5. After Filling up Personal Details, One video of Caditate must be Uploaded
  6. Video must not be more than 3 minutes
  7. Participans must introduce themselves in the video, they have to tell all their details, achievements, job, skills, experiences, ect.
  8. Bigg Boss Team will check and sell all the details u have sended
  9. If you are selected then you’ll called for next Stage

Audition Video Criteria:

  1. Video must not be morethan 3 minutes
  2. Videos size must not exceed 50MB
  3. Major Points about your Skills and Talent must be presented quickly

Expected Questions Participants will face in Auditions:

  1. What’s Your Name ?
  2. What’s Your Profession ?
  3. What’s Your Age ?
  4. Marital Status
  5. If married, about Husband/wife and Children
  6. How much do you know about Bigg Boss
  7. Have You watched all the seasons of Bigg Boss to date ?
  8. How are you going to entertain People ?
  9. Are You Short Tempered ?
  10. If You are Shortempered, Then what will be your’s move when you are angry?
  11. How are you going to stay in Bigg Boss House ?
  12. Will you fight with Other Contestants in the House ?
  13. Do You want to go there for Money or Fame ?
  14. Do You Know about Real Bigg Boss ?

Required Documents for Bigg Boss :

  1. Proof of Address
  2. Voter ID Card
  3. Driving Liscense
  4. School Leaving Certificate
  5. Ration Card
  6. Passport
  7. PAN Card
  8. Birth Certificate
  9. Mobile Bill or Telephone

Only Celebrities and Noted Persons 

Above we have given you all the details about Bigg Boss Audition Process, Registration, Documents Submission etc. As if Now, Bigg Boss Audition last date has ended.

One needs to be Celebrity to get enter into the Bigg Boss Show. Though Audition is Open for All Individuals Normal People can’t enter into this Bigg Boss Show.

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