Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 2 Highlights (Sep 06, 2021)

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Updates

6 Contestants have got nominated on the Second day of Bigg Boss i.e. On September 6 Monday. As Per the rules of Bigg Boss One person must be eliminated through public voting. Candidates will be nominated by the Housemates itself based on their number of votes.

Misconception, Misunderstandings, Attitudes were the main reasons for the fight between the contestants.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 – Episode 2 Highlights

  • Sriram nominated Manas and jessy. The reason of nomination they said was that they don’t know him and didn’t talked with him.
  • Sarayu nominated Kajal and Anchor Ravi. As RJ Kajal is well known about Bigg Boss and anchor ravi is the Strong Competeter. Saying so, they nominated them.
  • Swetha nominated Hamidha andNataraj. 
  • Vishwa Nominated Manas and Jessy
  • Anee Master nominated Sisi and Jessy
  • Jessy nominated  Vishwa and Hamida
  • Anchor Ravi nominated Nataraj and Maanas
  • Umadevi nominated Kajal and Jaswanth
  • Hamida nominated Lahari and Jessy
  • Shanmukh Jaswanth nominated VJ Sunny and Lobo
  • Sunny nominated Shanmukh and  sarayu
  • Natara nominated Sarayu and Jessy 
  • Priyanka nominated Shanmukh and hamida
  • Priya nominated siri and kajal
  • Lobo Nominated Priya and Anchor
  • Manas nominated vishwa and sarayu
  • Siri nominated Hamida and priya
  •  Kajal nominated sarayu and Uma
  • Lahari nominated hamida and Kajal

On the whole 6 contestants gone for Public voting for this week and they are Jaswanth, Hamida, Sarayu, Maanas, kajal and Ravi.

Public Voting for the above Contestants will be open from Monday night 11 to Friday Night 12.00 or the end of the day. People can vote on Hotstar directly or give a missed calls to the respective contestants. Below we are giving you the miss call numbers.

Vote for Jaswanth – 8886658208

Vote for Hamida – 8886658211

Vote for Sarayu – 8886658213

Vote for Maanas – 8886658216

Vote for Kajal – 8886658217

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