Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 December 11th, 2022 Written Updates: Inaya is eliminated

The 14th week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has come to a close. The final episode will air the following week, and it will be crucial to determine who will emerge victorious from the competition. Let’s look at what transpired in the home today to see all the amazing things that happened, including the twist at the conclusion.

Who knows the house better?

Nagarjuna participated in the Sunday Funday Episode by playing games with the other roommates. In this one, the housemates are required to respond to inquiries regarding the Bigg Boss residence. A point will be awarded to the person who correctly answers, and two points will be deducted if the answer is incorrect. Revanth ultimately won this task and received the hamper despite numerous questions being raised throughout the process.

Dance to the song

The following activity required the housemates to dance along with the song while displaying it to Nagarjuna on a screen. The housemates will receive a point if they answer correctly. The Revanth team triumphed in this challenge, and the most intriguing aspect was that Adi Reddy absolutely nailed the dance.

Hula Hoop game

The housemates were split into two teams for another game. Satya, Srihan, and Rohit. Keerthi, Adi Reddy, and Inaya make up the opposing team. In this game, players must take turns passing a hula hoop to one another without using their hands. No team was able to beat Revanth, who served as the game’s sanchalak. The game was cancelled as a result.

Inaya eliminated

Adi Reddy and Inaya were the final two contestants to be eliminated. After a brief period of suspense, it was revealed that Inaya had been kicked out of the house. The majority of Inaya’s supporters were obviously dissatisfied with this choice, and the hashtag “unfair elimination” is trending on Twitter.

Inaya briefed the other residents about their positive and poor qualities after leaving the house before bidding them farewell. After Inaya was eliminated, Nagarjuna made the following announcement: this time, there would be a midweek elimination, and whoever receives the fewest votes through Wednesday will only be eliminated in the middle of the week.

In order to help your favourite contenders reach the top 5, keep casting your vote for them.

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