Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 December 3rd, 2022 Written Updates: A Surprise For Revanth

The Saturday episode of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 is now available after another week of completion. Nagarjuna’s outstanding dance performance enlivened the presentation. Let’s look at some more interesting things that happened in the house.

Srihan-The Ticket to finale winner

Revanth and Srihan competed in the final game for a chance to advance to the grand finale, and they were required to use the battle ropes. The contestant who keeps the combat ropes in place and performs the wave motion all the way through will win. Adi Reddy continued repeating that if anyone stopped Srihan and Revanth’s waves, they would be eliminated during their difficult battle.

Revanth abruptly let go of the ropes and became enraged with Adi Reddy for doing nothing to stop the waves after Srihan had already stopped them twice. Many disagreements took place in the home until Srihan was named the winner of the ticket to the championship race.

Regret week

Then Nagarjuna spoke with the other residents of the house and covered a variety of things, including who would get the ultimate ticket. Following that, a wheel with various weeks was present. The housemates were invited to choose a week that they regretted by Nagarjuna. Housemates chose their weeks to discuss various incidents that they individually regret.

Best Captain and Worst Captain

Then Nagarjuna invited the residents to vote for the best and worst house captains. Different housemates had varying views about the captains. Inaya received the majority of votes as the best captain while Adi Reddy received the least number of votes as the house captain.

A Surprise for Revanth

When Revanth’s wife received the Bigg Boss video call, he was delighted to see his young daughter. He apologised for having to be there with her but insisted that everything that was happening in their life was for the best. He then performed a song for both the mother and the daughter. The tale came to a pleasant conclusion in this manner.

Only one person will be eliminated tomorrow. Rumor has it that Faima was the one to leave the residence.

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