Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 December 4th, 2022 Written Updates: Faima is Eliminated

Sunday Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Today is funday, and there have been a lot of intriguing things happening at home. Featuring special visitors, an emotional elimination, and other exciting events. Let’s take a look at today’s events in the house.

Friend For Life and No Friendship

Nagarjuna discussed friendship with the residents of the residence. He gave the housemates the option of choosing who will be a lifelong buddy and who will not. Then the housemates selected various individuals and explained to Nagarjuna why they wanted to maintain or sever their connection with a specific housemate.

HIT-2 Team Promotions

Nagarjuna instructed the housemates to create a frightening diagram with the words Koddi burra written underneath it as part of promotions. Adivi Sesh then talked with the housemates after being welcomed into the stage by Nagarjuna. The housemates won’t be able to determine who wrote this. Then Nagarjuna commanded Sesh to discover the author of the diagram and Koddi burra.

Sesh conducted some preliminary research before concluding that Revanth had drawn the diagram, and he was right. Meenakshi Choudhary and the director Sailesh then took the platform to discuss the film. They engaged in a game of “grab the gift” with the other residents. The piece was amusing and quite interesting.

Posters for the housemates

After the HIT 2 team had left, Nagarjuna and the housemates played the movie name guessing game. Bigg Boss made posters for the housemates based on their behaviour and personality once the movie’s title was revealed. Even this episode was much better, and the housemates enjoyed it much.

Faima eliminated from the house

Adi Reddy and Faima faced each other in the last elimination. After a brief moment of hesitation, Nagarjuna declared that Faima had been booted out of the house. After being eliminated, Adi Reddy had some emotion.

Nagarjuna and Faima witnessed her trip when Faima entered the stage. Nagarjuna then prompted the housemates to choose who was fun and who was frustrated. In light of what Faima claimed, everyone has fun besides Revanth.

The Sunday Funday came to an end in that manner, and because the 14th week is a big one for the roommates, it could be fascinating.

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