Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 December 9th, 2022 Written Updates: Recreation of good moments

We will find out tomorrow who will be the finals of the week on Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6. It will be intriguing to see who will win the competition. In the house, a lot of interesting things occurred. Let’s investigate them.

The Devil Task Continues

Bigg Boss called her again after Satya failed to enter the confessional first, and this time Keerthi went with her. Because of how amusingly they responded to the sounds, the part was incredibly humorous. They exited the confessional after discovering the items. Rohith entered the confessional after a while. Bigg Boss invited everyone into the confessional after a little while. Then the housemates made jokes in the confessional, and when they eventually emerged with a different item, the prize money climbed. The Devil mission was finished in this manner.

Recreation of good moments

The housemates did their best to reproduce the memorable events that took place in the house after Bigg Boss instructed them to recreate some of the best moments in the house. The residents of the house exchanged stories about their travels and precious recollections. That’s how the week came to a conclusion, and tomorrow, when Nagarjuna visits the home, we’ll find out who will be kicked out.

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