Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 10 Day 9 Highlights

Highlights from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 10 Day 9

The housemates are now prepared for the captaincy contenders challenge following the contentious nominations discussion in the home. Those who perform better on the job will have the possibility to become captains, and those who are nominated will have the chance to show the audience that they belong in the house. So let’s take a look at what occurred in the home today.

Task for Captaincy Candidates: Sisindri.

The Sisindri duty is for the second week’s captaincy candidates. In this assignment, the housemates were given dolls to care for like their babies and participate in a variety of difficulties as needed. Only five members of the home are permitted to participate in each round of tasks, and if the buzzer sounds, the residents must place the dolls in the cradles that have been set up in the area.

The first challenge round

Chanti, Revanth, Faima, Arohi, and Geethu had the opportunity to participate in the challenge in the first round. The competitors in the first challenge must get into a bag, pick up the forms, and place them in the vacant spaces. The winner and candidate for captaincy is the person who completes the assignment first. Chanti triumphed in this task, taking first place.

Faima didn’t want Revanth to win the game during this mission. She thus turned into a challenge for Revanth’s Victory throughout the game. Revanth was really outraged about it, but he eventually lost his temper.

The second challenge round

The competitors who had the chance to go to the captaincy round were Arjun Kalyan, Faima, Inaya, Arohi, and Keerthi Bhat. Revanth assisted Faima in this endeavour by helping her win the second round. There are currently only two captain candidates for this week, but things will pick up tomorrow.

Beyond the game

Bigg Boss made it very clear before the game began that if any housemate leaves their doll alone, the other housemates have the right to put them in the left out zone. Geethu used this opportunity to his full advantage and eliminated Revanth, Sri Satya, and Abhinaya from the contest. The rules of the Bigg Boss House are rules, notwithstanding their protests.

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