Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 11 Day 10 Highlights

Geethu thoroughly dominated yesterday’s Captaincy candidates exercise by snatching other people’s dolls and hiding them in the lost and found area. We’ll find out who the candidates are for this week’s captaincy when the task resumes today.

The competitors continued to play the game and look for opportunities by snatching other people’s dolls even though the assignment was put on hold for the night. Late at night, Srihan and Geethu stole some dolls, which they kept in the lost-and-found area.

Geethu is no longer playing.

After the song was played in the morning, everyone was busy getting ready. Revanth then went to the store room to perform some work, and while he was there, he discovered Geethu’s doll. He went straight to the lost and found area. By booting Geethu from the game, Revanth exacted revenge on her.

Task 2 for Captaincy Candidates

Arohi, Arjun, Faima, Keerthi, and Inaya all participated in this challenge. With a shield, everyone must engage in combat inside a ring. The challenge is won by the competitor who stays in the ring while shoving opponents out. Inaya prevailed in this contest and was given the opportunity to run for captain.

Ice cream competition

The candidates for the captaincy participated in this last challenge, which also included Rohit-Marina, Shani, RJ Surya, and Rajashekhar. In the first round, Rajashekhar won the game and advanced to the next round, where RJ Surya won the challenge and advanced as well.

Chanti, Inaya Sultana, Rajasekhar, and RJ Surya are the candidates for captain for this particular week. The best and worst performers for the week will be chosen by the housemates. The player who performs well will be given a chance to play in the captaincy contender game.

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