Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 15 Day 14 Highlights

Highlights from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 15 for Day 14

There will be a double elimination in the house this weekend, as we mentioned yesterday in the Sunday Funday show. In addition to that, the mansion has witnessed many memorable events. Let’s investigate them.

Promotion for Babli Bouncer in the Bigg Boss House

Tamannaah Bhatia entered the residence to mingle with the residents as part of the promotion for her upcoming film Babli Bouncer. On September 23, 2022, Babli Bouncer will premiere on Disney+Hotstar. The male roommates were instructed to select one female roommate to serve as their bouncer. Most of the residents choose Geethu to serve as their bouncer.

RJ Surya, in the meantime, captured Tamannaah Kanuka’s attention by imitating some of the notable performers Tamannaah had worked with.

Gaana Gajibiji

During the Sunday Funday feast, Nagarjuna split the housemates into two teams and had them play a game in which they had to identify songs by deciphering scrambled phrases that were displayed on the screen. The winning team in this game was Team Revanth, which consisted of Srihan, Faima, Arohi, RJ Surya, Geethu, Neha, Keerthi, Baladitya, and Inaya.

It’s time to eliminate.

Abhinaya Sri and Adi Reddy competed in the final round, and Nagarjuna declared that Abhinaya was ousted from the competition since she received fewer votes than Adi.

Genuine and False

She felt a little emotional after viewing her journey with Nagarjuna and Abhinaya after entering the stage. Next, Nagarjuna requested Abhinaya to select the trustworthy and dishonest members of the household. She kept Famima, Chanti, Sri Satya, Baladitya, and RJ Surya in the honest group. She picked Revanth for the dishonest category.

That was how the Sunday programme ended, and nominations will be announced in the house tomorrow.

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