Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 16 Day 15 Highlights

Highlights from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 16 for Day 15

The Monday nominations, the most contentious and exciting part of the week, will now take place after the Sunday Funday. People who are in danger zone are also present as the nominations continued amid acrimonious debates. Let’s take a look at today’s events in the house.

Red face paint should be used for nominations.

Bigg Boss kept a bowl of red paint in the garden area as part of the nominations procedure, and the competitors had to nominate two persons by wiping the red paint on their faces. Raj Shekhar cannot be nominated because he is the house captain.

The house heated up with disagreements within the first minute, and the part got engaging.

Hefty arguments within the home

When Vasanthi nominated Neha since she delivered her worst tag over the weekend episode, Neha and Vasanthi battled in the house at first.

Geethu then argued with Neha, saying that she was unfit to serve as the household’s Sanchalak. Neha, however, shot back and stated that she disagreed with Geethu on this.

Geethu and Inaya also got into a fight. According to Inaya, Geethu stole her rack and prevented her from organising her clothing. In the meantime, Inaya and Adi Reddy clashed. Adi Reddy, according to her, arrived at the home well-prepared. Adi Reddy became really upset over that.

Nobody enters the house prepared, according to Adi Reddy, and the Bigg Boss reality programme is like an open book. But Inaya persisted in disputing over the same issue. Then Adi Reddy lost his cool and threatened to spill the red paint bowl on the floor if she didn’t stop talking in such a way.

Baladitya was nominated by Rajashekhar and Arohi, who claimed that he was acting prudently by highlighting his positive traits.

Sudeepa was nominated by Geethu on the grounds that she failed to clean up the tissue sheets she had thrown around the house. Sudeepa got upset for the first time and argued with Geethu, saying she forgot she wasn’t feeling well during the emotional moment.

Chanti and Geethu disagreed about how to act in front of the crowd as well.

Nominated Contestants for this week

Vasnathi, Inaya, Arohi, Neha, Geethu, Chanti, Srihan, Revanth, and Baladitya are this week’s nominees for the competition. Vasanthi, Inaya, Srihan, and Arohi are some of the competitors who could be in danger this week, because during the past few weeks, their performance has been very mediocre.

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