Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 18 Day 17 Highlights

Day 17 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 18 Highlights

Third-week captaincy candidates on Bigg Boss Many intriguing things have occurred while working on Adavilo Aata, which is still ongoing in the home. Check out what occurred in the house.

Smart Play by Geethu

During the task, Geethu is portraying a businesswoman, and she has done a great job at playing the game. Despite the fact that the game became somewhat aimless, she maintained her composure. She played the game shrewdly and according to the rules. Despite the fact that her housemates stole her food and batteries, she played the game skillfully and became virtually invincible.

Revanth’s Uprising

Revanth hid several of the toys in the hallway during the night. While remaining silent, Neha, Arohi, and Sudeepa stole his toys. Revanth decided to assist the opposing team after learning that his toys had been stolen and that he had made some statements that weren’t very good.

Inaya and Keerthi argue.

The fight between Keerthi and Inaya was this episode’s greatest moment. Inaya entered the home for the raid as part of the job. The robbers attempted to block her when the time for the raid was finished, and in their chase, they knocked her to the ground and pulled her inside the house. However, the other residents halted it, and Inaya got up believing Keerthi was the one who had injured her. Then they both got into some heated arguments, which they later resolved.

The Task is won by the police team.

141 toys in all were kept for the assignment. Geethu had 51 toys at the end of the work, the burglars had 19, and the police got 71 toys. Geethu and Sri Satya are the first two candidates for this week’s captaincy, making them the task’s winners.

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