Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 2 Day 1 Highlights

Day 1 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 got off to a great start, but there were plenty of disturbances in the house even on that first day. It happens frequently that each competitor is unique from the others. However, the commotion Geetu produced in the house frightened everyone inside and in the neighbourhood as well. Check out what occurred in the house.

All of the competitors danced at the introduction to a local tune. Abhinaya Sree dazzled everyone in this dancing performance with her moves. Geetu then began to become upset about someone’s hair in the restroom. She claimed that she wouldn’t do it even if Bigg Boss assigned her an assignment to pull hair in the bathroom. She and the Inaya Sultana kept arguing.

Adireddy stated throughout this conversation that there is nothing improper with taking it. He will start removing it starting tomorrow. Baladitya gave Geetu advice in the meantime.

The house’s first task.
Faima received the mission letter for the first task, which is to categorise the house into three categories: bulk, rubbish, and class. The class category will have privileges and be able to perform any task, including using the VIP balcony. The class participants will have the chance to be directly nominated for captaincy and directly saved from it.

The garbage members should complete all tasks that the other candidates assign them. They will be directly nominated and must cook and dine exclusively in the garden area. They are also ineligible to compete as captains. Since they are just regular people, the members of the mass won’t receive special treatment.

In the house, voting took place. Balaaditya, Srihan, and Surya competed for their class. Revanth, Geetu, and Inaya Sultana were the contenders who were trash.

Change the garbage contestant for Klaus.
Swap In addition to being the first challenge in the house, Klaus was introduced there. To participate in the game of coconut bonds, Adi Reddy and Inaya stepped up. AdiReddy quickly prevailed in the game and joined the class. However, Inaya was disappointed that she had failed the assignment, and Abhinaya urged her to offer support.

Not rubbish… Speak with Pride
Inaya was summoned into the confessional by Bigg Boss, who explained that they had a brief work including a little gathering task in which the trash members would discuss the individuals they wished to make proud or who had recognised them as wonderful people.

Inaya Sultana broke down in tears as she spoke about her father. Keerthy Bhatt hugged her after hearing her testimony because she was moved to tears. Geethu and Revanth disagreed on what to say next in the meantime. After witnessing Inaya sobbing, Geethu was terrified. She continued to consider Revanth as she entered the washroom and remarked on how unique he is.

Revanth discussed his past and claimed that it is thanks to his parents’ blessings and the backing of the general public that he is now inside the Bigg Boss house.

Geethu claimed that people noticed her when she was filming reviews videos, realised she had skill, and soon she was a celebrity. She expressed her gratitude to her supporters. The sentimental and elegant section of the house came to an end in like manner on Day 1. We must wait and watch what transpires in the parliament tomorrow.

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