Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 21 Day 20 Highlights

Highlights from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 21 Day 20

There were a lot of interesting things that happened in the house during the weekend episode. In addition to a great twist in the house that has never occurred in Bigg Boss history, Nagarjuna was prepared to face the competitors.

Takar Maar was the song Nagarjuna used to introduce the programme. The audience and they then watched the Friday episode, in which Sri Satya questioned her participation in Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss offered the participants an intriguing job for the luxury budget task. Teams Revanth and Sudeepa were split up inside the house, and they had to prepare some delectable dishes using Freedom Rice Bran Oil. Adi Reddy tasted the delicious cuisine that the teams had cooked and awarded the victory to Team Revanth.

For the game, points.

When Nagarjuna first arrived, there were nine contenders behind the sofa the previous week, and two of them had already been eliminated. The remaining seven were invited to return to the sofa. He then praised Srihan, Sri Satya, and Adi Reddy for their outstanding performances during the week and invited them to sit in the front row. He awarded the remaining residents of the house points for their efforts.

Addressing Inaya and Srihan’s issue

When Inaya continued to yell at her, Nagarjuna wasn’t pleased with the way Srihan handled the matter. He warned him not to say that again, and he also warned Inaya not to take insignificant things seriously. Even innocuous statements can do a lot of harm if she doesn’t get along well with the other people in the family. She was advised by Nagarjuna to establish solid relationships and play the game ethically.

Direct nomination for the following week

For the first time in Bigg Boss history, the host had the chance to nominate two contestants in person for the following week. Rajshekhar, Sudeepa, Bala Aditya, Keerthi, Arjun Kalyan Vasanthi, Chanti, Marina, and Rohith were seated at the sofa’s back row. As soon as Nagarjuna called for votes, Keerthi and Arjun Kalyan received the most of them, which led to their direct nomination for the following week.

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