Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 22 Day 21 Highlights

Highlights from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 22 Day 21

The Sunday Funday episode has here, and in the midst of the funday there will also be an elimination. In this episode, a lot of intriguing things happened in the house; let’s have a look at some of them.

Hammer Strike

Today, Nagarjuna played three games with the residents of the residence. Hammer Strike was the first game. The participants in this game will each receive a large hammer, and Nagarjuna will then pronounce a character trait. The residents must choose which trait best complements the other and tap them on the head with a hammer. The following qualities were listed for this game.

  • Geethu received Noti Dhoola from Adi Reddy.
  • Rajasekhar received Brainless from Rohith.
  • Revanth gave dramatic to Neha after Rajasekhar offered him Pani Donga.
  • Geethu received Most annoying from Neha.
  • Geethu gave Revanth the loser.
  • Baladitya received Attention Seeker from Sri Satya, whereas Revanth received Fighter Cock from Keerthi, and Inaya received Arrogant from Vasanthi.
  • Sri Satya Srihan provided Useless to Inaya while Inaya gave domineering to Arohi.
  • Revanth received Tindibothu from Sudeepa.
  • Chanti gave Inaya a bitter person, and Surya gave Geethu something dull.
  • Arohi Arjun received bogus from Faima, and Rohith-Marina received aimless.
  • The following game required the roommates to assign animal tags to their fellow housemates.

Animal Tags

  • Neha received Oosaravelli from Geethu.
  • The same Animal tag, Oosaravelli, was used by Neha in her response to Geethu.
  • Arohi received a snake from Revanth, who in turn handed it to Chanti. Geethu received a lion from Surya.
  • Faima gave Chanti a lion.
  • Baladitya gifted Adi Reddy an elephant.
  • Arohi gave Keerthi a donkey.
  • Inaya received Oosaravelli from Keerthi.
  • Sudeepa gifted Marina an elephant.
  • Sri Satya gave Keerthi a donkey.
  • Inaya offered a snake to Srihan, Vasanthi donated a lion to Revanth, and Srihan gave Rohith an oosaravelli. Marina gave Baladitya an elephant.
  • Sri Satya Rajashekhar received a snake from Adi Reddy, while Arjun Kalyan received a donkey.
  • Arjun gave Sudeepa a donkey.

It’s time to eliminate.

Vasanthi Krishna and Neha Choudhary were the final two contenders to enter the danger zone. After some anticipation, Nagarjuna announced that Neha had been eliminated from the contest. She was enraged that she had been betrayed by her friends in the house. Nagarjuna asked Neha to give the housemates their Dhammu and Dhummu tags once he entered the stage.

Revanth, Inaya, Arohi, Geethu, Arjun Kalyan, and Vasanthi received the Dhummu tag from her. Dhammu tag to Sri Satya, Adi Reddy, Baladitya, Chanti, Sudeepa, Rajasekhar, and Bala.

That was how the Sunday Funday show concluded. Tomorrow, there will be new nominees, and it will undoubtedly become heated.

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