Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 23 Day 22 Highlights

Highlights from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 23 for Day 22

The intense nominations from Monday are back, and the episodes surrounding the nominations are usually intriguing because of the intense discussions and disputes that take place among the housemates. So let’s examine what transpired during the nominations in the house today.

Smash Tomatoes

The housemates were instructed by Bigg Boss to slam tomatoes against the skulls of their fellow residents. Adi Reddy cannot be nominated because he is the house captain, and Keerthi and Arjun cannot be nominated either because they were chosen by the host.

Disputes within the home

Inaya was singled out by the majority of the housemates, who nominated her for engaging in unethical behaviour during the Aadavilo Aata challenge. Despite her arguments, she agreed that what occurred to her throughout the work was unfair and that there was no need in arguing about it. She often debated the same topics with Faima, Sudeepa, and Srihan.

Faima and Arohi got into another dispute inside the home. Arohi, according to Faima, wasn’t standing by her during the captaincy duty. During the nominations, Faima brought up several crucial arguments that rendered Arohi dumbfounded.

Keerthi and Inaya disagreed on how she played the game. However, Inaya’s nomination of Srihan was the dumbest act she committed during the nominations. Srihan body humiliated her, she claimed, by informing Nagarjuna that he was her younger brother. which was only a guess, making the nomination useless.

Contestants nominated for this week

The names of the people are Inaya, Revanth, Arohi, Surya, Srihan, Sudeepa, Rajasekhar, Arjun Kalyan, Keerthi Bhat, and Geethu. There are a total of 10 nominees, and the competition is fierce. This week will be challenging for the housemates.

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