Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 3 Day 2 Highlights

There were not many fights and plenty of conversations on the second day in the Bigg Boss 6 Telugu House. The individual in the house who was the most upset was Inaya Sultana. Revanth exudes an air of arrogance inside the house and asserts that he won’t be ousted at all.

Arohi, in the meantime, informs her group that Revanth has stated that she is attempting to talk to everyone else because she is spending more time with Surya. As he was hearing this, Arjun attempted to counsel Revanth. He warned Revanth that if he keeps acting this way, he will turn bad. Revanth, however, warned that if he is not sincere, they will get rid of him.

Possibility of switching to garbage class.
To trash, Bigg Boss offered the chance to switch classes. Voting should be used by the different groups to select a member. Inaya, Geethu, and Revanth were already in the trash. Geethu won the vote, and Bala Aditya was cast aside as a result. Revanth entered mass while Abhinaya lost the task and ended up in the trash.

Neha and Inaya took part in the Roll Baby Boll task in the other task, and Neha won it. As a result, she joined the class team, while Inaya stayed in the trash. She felt that nobody in the house was helping to assist her.

The work is complete, according to Bigg Boss, and Inaya, Abhinaya, and Baladitya have been nominated. The procedure is still not finished entirely, though. The couple, Marina and Rohit, then got into a brief argument in the restroom. She complained that he wasn’t paying attention to her.

But when Geethu joined the class team, she began lecturing everyone about their work, and this annoyed some of the other students. Since the nominating process will resume tomorrow, we must now wait and see what occurs in the show.

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