Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 30 Day 29 Highlights

Day 29 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode Highlights

The Bigg Boss Season 6 Monday nominations are here, and they are fairly exciting with a small twist in the story for this time. This follows the interesting Sunday Funday episode. Check out today’s events in the house.

Nominations for handcuffs.

Before we discuss nominations, Bigg Boss made the announcement that Marina and Rohith will now compete separately and as different competitors. Keerthi is not eligible for nomination from the house because she is the house captain.

Bigg Boss will select two contestants for these handcuff nominations, and each of them will have handcuffs on one hand. The section was really fascinating as they had to determine among themselves who would be nominated for this week.

After receiving handcuffs, Marina and Rohith engaged in some brief discussion. Marina was nominated following much discussion.

Because Sudeepa and Vasanthi debated for an hour about the nominations and after numerous arguments and annoyances, their nomination was rather dull. Vasanthi was recognised.

This was one of the best arguments in the house, and Srihan and Inaya were bound. Inaya got a little carried away and nominated herself as a result of Srihan’s clever game play.

Revanth and Adi Reddy’s nomination is another intriguing one. Adi Reddy debated admirably and had some great moments during this conversation. Even Revanth remained steadfast, and their nomination was excellent. Adi Reddy was subsequently nominated.

Faima and Surya were restrained, and following a little discussion, Faima was chosen as the nominee for the week.

Bala Aditya and Rajsekhar had handcuffs on. We don’t know why Bala Aditya was nominated for that despite underestimating himself.

Arjun Kalyan and Sri Satya were restrained together, and throughout this part, Sri Satya easily outperformed Arjun and was nominated.

Geethu and Chanti were restrained, and it was clear that Chanti had been chosen.

Keerthi vs. Revanth

Keerthi and Revanth got into a fight. The residents were told to ignore anything and everyone outside the home. While in the yard, Revanth attempted to respond to someone outside the Bigg Boss house. Revanth received a warning from Bigg Boss, and Keerthi was reminded that it was her duty to ensure that everyone complied with the house rules when an argument between the two occurred.

He protested that it wasn’t just him who did it, and she was determined to punish him. He objected to following her orders. Revanth apologised to Keerthi and stated he was prepared for the punishment following a heated disagreement.

So, today’s events in the house went like this. Check back tomorrow to see how the task goes.

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