Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 33 Day 32 Highlights

Highlights from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 33 Day 32

Today was filled with many intriguing and enjoyable events, and we also welcomed a new captain for the week. Along with the emotional moments in the house, certain hazards went unnoticed. The audience’s reaction to Episode 32 was ambivalent. So let’s take a look at what occurred in the home today.

Moments of emotion inside the home

In the house, Bigg Boss Birthday is still going on. The housemates were given an emotional task by Bigg Boss. The Bigg Boss tasks have been difficult for the housemates to keep up with. They were given a chance by Bigg Boss to say what they wanted in return. During this point, all of the housemates started to get emotional. Despite the intensity and several tearjerker moments, this portion was a little dull.

Newly appointed Captain

The leadership game had already started. Marina, Rohit, and Vasanthi were debating who should be the captain. They believed that despite their best efforts this week, they were not selected for the leadership game. Vasanthi believed that the audience would be able to tell who was being sincere because they were acting for them.

Revanth, Geethu, and Surya were the top three candidates for captain in the captaincy competition. With the axe, they must fell the trees. The person who completes the mission first will take over as the next house captain. The labour continued in an unexpected way, and while Revanth was chopping the wood, his axe suddenly flew from his hands and fell just in front of Inaya.

After the intense competition in the game, that was just a missed opportunity. Revanth triumphed in the competition and was named the new house captain. He won’t be eligible for nominations for the following week because he is not one of the nominees for this week.

The nominees are a little concerned because they didn’t have a lot of chances to play the game. Faima, Chanti, Aditya, and Marina are now in danger as the election draws near. Visit the official website today to cast your vote for the contestants you like best.

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