Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 5 Day 4 Highlights

Everyone anticipated that the house would calm down after the nominations, but the episode included a significant altercation. Check out today’s events in the house.

Chanti and Geetu had a conversation on today’s episode. He became enraged with Chanti when Geetu remarked that she wasn’t speaking. He warned Geetu that she would eventually reach a point when she would not grasp what people were saying to her.

Baladtiya brought up the issue on the other side, alleging that Inaya had body shamed him in front of everyone. But Inaya quickly clarified that, other from the fact that he was complimenting, Baladitya was not body-shaming.

The couple was singing the same old song.

Even in the first week, Marina and Rohit are having difficulties. She informed Arohi that he never visited her at night. He only briefly held her hand before walking away. What do you want to do when you go to sleep? Rohit then questioned. There are obviously some problems between them at home.

Candidate selection for the captaincy.

The process of choosing the captain candidates began. There were various disagreements between Geethu and Revanth. After much deliberation, it was concluded that Sreehan, Baladitya, Revanth, and Sudeepa qualify as candidates for the captaincy.

However, the mass team remained together in the captaincy race and determined that RJ Surya, Marina Rohit, and Baladitya are captaincy hopefuls.

On the other hand, Marina started agitating the situation in the house by claiming that Rohit is behind Sri Satya.

Arohi and Revanth then got into a fight inside the home. She declared that she will take part in the Hotstar challenge in an aggressive manner. However, she utterly failed because the Sree Satya team shown incredible talent and the Arohi team was unsuccessful.

Because of Revanth’s remark to Arohi, who said, “Now look what occurred with your attitude,” Arohi sobbed because she was so depressed. She was comforted by RJ Surya by receiving a hug, and she then became more composed.

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