Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 6 Day 5 Highlights

After some tense moments with the nomination process, the responsibility of selecting the captaincy contenders. The battle to become the first captain of the house is currently underway in the house. This week’s work was incredibly interesting, and there are six candidates for captaincy. Let’s now review what occurred in the house today.

The first house captain.

The captaincy job, known as Captaincy Bandi, was contested by six contestants. The housemates’ objective is to locate the proper key and open the box. The winner and house captain will be whoever discovers the appropriate key.

Geethu was the first to finish this challenge, although she engaged in misconduct and was roundly criticised by her fellow roommates. The majority of the roommates disapproved of her game play, and chaos ensued.

The most contentious incident that occurred in the house was when she made a statement claiming that she wouldn’t mind at all if a male contestant reached inside her top and removed anything she was hiding. In the house, especially among the female residents, this claim was met with a great deal of hostility.

Finally, following a great deal of domestic disputes. Baladitya would serve as the first captain of the house, it was agreed.

Week’s worst performer.

due to the assertion and her misconduct during the leadership role. Geethu received a prison sentence after turning in the week’s poorest performance.

The host Nagarjuna will appear on the programme the next day and look back on the events of the previous week. We must wait and watch what transpires in the parliament tomorrow.

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