Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 7 Day 6 Highlights

The weekend episode of Season 6 of Bigg Boss Telugu has arrived, and Nagarjuna Akkineni is back on the programme. Nagarjuna gave his assessment of the housemates in this episode. Before he met the other residents, Nagarjuna nominated Geethu as the worst performer and polled the crowd on whether she should be sent to prison.

Some audience members believed that sending her to prison was the right decision. Nagarjuna then spoke with the residents of the residence.

The initial assessment of Nagarjuna

By awarding the housemates’ performances a thumbs up or a thumbs down, Nagarjuna complimented some of them and scolded others. Instead of participating in the group and feeling bad about herself, Nagarjuna urged Faima to be more involved in the household.

Additionally, he encouraged Sudeepa to express herself more and shed the stigma associated with Pinky in the home. In the home, he wants her to be more authentic.

Adi Reddy was urged by Nagarjuna not to get involved in a particular scenario. This is not a YouTube review video, he said. He preferred that Adi Reddy put the game first.

Arohi was also given advice by Nagarjuna to refrain from having preconceived views while in the house, and Revanth was instructed to behave more responsibly and calmly. Because Chanti wasn’t acting like himself inside the house, Nagarjuna was a little unhappy with him. He desired to provide the entertainment and spread joy around the home.

Keerthi was also instructed by Nagarjuna not to let other people’s opinions influence her own. Additionally, he was able to persuade the couple living there and resolve their little disagreements. He instructed Geethu to discuss her methods. He wanted the other residents to engage in the house and let the public know they were there.

We all observed that the housemates had picked up some intuition cards prior to entering the home. This forces the residents to assign their characteristics to their fellow residents. Revanth was betrayed in this, and Geethu was clever.

Contestants who are safe this week

Chalaki Chanti and Sri Satya are this week’s safe competitors.

Participants are in danger.

Inaya Sulthana and Abhinaya Sri are the competitors that are in danger this week. The house will be eliminated tomorrow, and we must determine who will be the first contestant to leave the home.

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