Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 12th, 2022 Written Updates: Double Elimination twist

The housemates are prepared to find solutions to their issues as the weekend episode approaches. Nagarjuna took the stage while singing the song Magadheera…. Dheera…. Dheera from the film Oke Okkadu, and he then addressed some intriguing problems in the home. There is a twist today as well. Check out today’s events in the house.

Housemates get into medicine

Nagarjuna instructed the residents to choose some name-differentiated boards and distribute them to the appropriate roommate. They must administer medicine to the flatmate as part of their doctoral job. The segment was both amusing and informative. Nagarjuna explained to Revanth his perplexity with the sanchalak regulations throughout this task.

Revanth claimed that he is unsure whether or not to act aggressively because the other residents of the house keep accusing him of acting aggressively and quitting his game. Revanth can be aggressive in a game, but he should exercise caution to avoid physically harming anyone while performing a duty, Nagarjuna continued.

Inaya was then addressed by Nagarjuna over her actions and the manner in which she speaks when enraged. She is bringing some personal statements into the game, according to Nagarjuna, which is bad for the home. He reiterated his earlier warning to everyone in the home not to bring personal statements inside.

Bala Aditya Eliminated

There will be two eliminations in the house as part of today’s twist. There was no way to save anything in the house. Bala Aditya was immediately ejected by Nagarjuna from the residence. Bala Aditya left the house without complaining and expressed his pride in having kicked his smoking habit. He also thanked everyone who had helped him.

It will be fascinating tomorrow since there will be another elimination, and reports suggest that Vasanthi will be the one to depart.

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