Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 22nd, 2022 Written Updates: Family meet begins

The sixth week of Bigg Boss Telugu has begun following yesterday’s quiet nominations. Bigg Boss assigned the housemates an intriguing challenge today. Additionally, there were a few poignant moments in the home. Let’s take a look at today’s events in the house.

Bigg Boss School

The objective for this week is the BB School, where Adi Reddy is the dance teacher, Faima is the english teacher, and other people are students. The process continued as the students provided a tonne of entertaining and thought-provoking one-liners. The housemates were having a great time together.

Adi Reddy’s Wife and Daughter in the house

The wife and daughter of Adi Reddy were the first members of the family to enter the home. Adi Reddy received a literal boost from this. The moment he saw his wife and daughter, he was ecstatic. Everyone spoke to her and inquired about the match. Adi Reddy wanted to celebrate his daughter’s birthday in the house, so Bigg Boss delivered a birthday cake into the house. His wish was granted by Bigg Boss. Revanth became really emotional at seeing that.

Faima’s mother in the house

When Faima’s mother entered the house, she became quite upset at seeing her. She spoke to everyone in the home politely, instructed them to play the game properly, and expressed her pride in her daughter. After observing the relationship between Faima and her mother, Keerthi experienced intense emotion.

Raj’s mother in the house

Raj’s mother entered the house when he was playing the assignment, and he experienced an emotional moment. About their game, the housemates questioned her. She just said that everyone was acting very appropriately and wished everyone luck with their next films.

The arrival of many more family members into the house tomorrow will be an emotional event for the residents.

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