Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 29th, 2022 Written Updates: Ticket to finale race begins

The 13th week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has begun, and double elimination or any other house twists could change the outcome at any point. Continue to vote for your favourite competitors to help them advance to the finals. Let’s take a look at what transpired in the house today after Bigg Boss assigned the housemates to an intriguing task.

Ticket To Finale

The 13th week has arrived, and Bigg Boss has given the housemates a fantastic opportunity to win a ticket to the finale, which would guarantee them a spot in the final. The housemates must construct a snowman using the thermal coal forms that the Bigg boss will provide in order to be eligible to win that ticket. They can destroy someone else’s snowmen, take other parts, and provide protection. Whoever’s snowman is the smallest at the end of each buzzer will lose the game.

Sri Satya, Keerthi, and Inaya were all eliminated from the game in the first round. The contestants are driven to earn the ticket to the finale, which would ensure their spot in the finale, as the game is moving quickly.

A Chance for Revival

Sri Satya, Inaya, and Keerthi were all eliminated from the contest. They were given a second chance by Bigg Boss to rejoin the contest. They will be given an engaging game that they must win in order to rejoin. We must wait to see what game the Bigg Boss will offer tomorrow.

Continue to vote for your favourite contestants because this week is more likely to have double elimination.

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